Art & Poetry

Where and how do you think poem or any form art are born?

Tangled with these thoughts, I happened to stumble upon a piece of art about art and poetry by Natsume Soseki, a writer from Japan. He goes on to dissect the birth of Art and Poetry. (In his novel Kusamakura). And further goes on to describe the poet as well. Here you go:


If you grow by reason, you grow rough-edged; if you choose to dip your oar into sentiment’s stream, it will sweep you away. Demanding your own way only serves to constrain you. However you look at it, the human world is not an easy place to live.

And when its difficulties intensify, you find yourself longing to leave that world and dwell in some easier one–and then, when you understand at last that difficulties will dog you wherever you may live, this is when poetry and art are born.


And about a poet/artist he says:


…I suppose you could say that an artist is a person who lives in the triangle which remains after the angle which we may call common sense has been removed from this four-cornered world.


What do you think? Has it been under different circumstances for you?


3 thoughts on “Art & Poetry

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