Battle of the Bigwigs! Or is it?

The battle lines have been drawn. If the recent state elections results are to be considered as a litmus test for the assembly elections, the message conveyed by the voters is loud, clear and simple: WE NEED A CHANGE. And that good governance will be awarded and welcomed (MP & Chhattisgarh). And that bad governance will be shunned and shown the way out (Rajasthan & New Delhi).

Of all the state elections, i.e. Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, for the uninitiated, the ruling party at the Center had had no luck in any of the states. If they couldn’t oust the existing party in MP & Chhattisgarh, it was a losing battle that they waged in Rajasthan & New Delhi! But of all the four states, it was Delhi that drew attention from many sections of the society. It made clear there is still room for different change or a new alternative other than the mainstream politicos if it is presented to the voters in an acceptable manner! Proof: AAP’s landslide victory. Delhi had a government that was looking for a straight 4th term in the throne and a hawk eyed opposition that was hoping to make the most of the incumbent’s incompetency.

To everyone’s surprise AAP came close to the top with 28 seats: Close enough to topple the existing government and close enough to pose a threat to the ex-opposition. Perhaps it was the freshness that filled the air. Or perhaps it was the way the AAP projected itself: A knight in shining armour waging a formidable crusade against corruption, a visible force of youth to be recognized with, hard to be ignored as ‘another Political Party’. Or perhaps its choice of candidates. Or perhaps it was their style of campaigning. Well. Whatever it was AAP made the arrogant Congress Party (whose candidate Sheila Dixit had asked the day before election if AAP was even a political outfit worth contesting elections!!! Well Dixit ji, you have your answer now) and the otherwise ignorant BJP to shed their complacency and take a re-look at the David who’s ready with his Sling.

Actually, the game begins just now for the AAP. It is far from over. Will it be another single-state-phenomenon or will it be able to spread its air of freshness to a wider political canvas? And more of all, trying to be in power and being in power are two different things. Indian Politics had had a fair share of loud mouths and dogs that have only barked! Would AAP be any different? Or would it get washed away in the mainstream politics? On a personal note, I would want the answer to be a BIG NO! For the first time, the voters are looking up to a third party other than the mainstream bigwigs and it is only apt if the fresh force doesn’t fail them.

This could or could not be treated as an indicator of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Because the situation down south is not always directly proportional to the scene at North. BJP, would, however want to credit their flabbergasting victory to their Star Prime Ministerial Candidate NaMo but the share of the local leaders couldn’t be side-lined. As in the case of Madhya Pradesh, where the clout and goodwill of the current Chief Minister clubbed with his good governance was a major factor in the victory. And with regards to Congress: Wake up. Your RaGa is getting nowhere with his emotional and sentiment recipe and has a herculean task up his sleeve! It is a demeaning defeat and it’s highly time that Congress has a re-look at its war strategies and war generals!

Any thoughts? The comments box is all yours!